ajensonArt can be expressed in so many different ways.  Be it visual or aural, up front or subtle, art can take many forms;  Painting, Music, Dance, (just to name a few), and one of my favorites, photography.

Every person has a unique perspective on the world.  Through the eyes of different ages, cultures, and experience, the world can look very different.  Photography gives us a chance to show other our perspective.  We get to show how we see the world.

There is the old adage that to know someone you have to walk a mile in their shoes.  While most of the time, we can’t physically walk in someone’s shoes, through photography we can see through their eyes.  There is another old adage that the eyes are the window to the soul.

When we look at a photograph, we are not just seeing a child playing, or a tropical sunset.  We are seeing the world through another’s eyes.  And just maybe getting a glimpse into their soul.

My favorite photography subject is Nature.  Sometimes we need a reminder that there is much beauty in our world to be experienced.  Photography gives us a chance to capture a moment that moves us.  It also allows us to share that moment with others.  With the amount of negativity in our every day lives, having the chance to share a moment of beauty and peace with someone can be a beautiful thing, be it a loved one on a holiday, or a complete stranger strolling through a gallery.


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